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2018 Halloween Party

Wednesday 7th November 2018 2:00pm
2018 Halloween Party

Scaresville truly came to visit last week. The residents all put their scariest faces on and The Island was given a fitting make-over, after the staff and residents all got together to put on a hauntingly good Halloween Party!

Disguises were in full force when the face painting experts came in to work their magic. Before long skeletons weren’t the only things coming out the closet, there were witches swooping around the building, as well as vampires lurking behind every door.

The day was broken up with a freaky feast, which was enjoyed by residents and guests alike – although it is rumoured that the vampires stayed away from the garlicky end of the table!

Care home director, Kuldish, said of the day;


“It was great to see all the residents come together for the Halloween party, everyone got involved and dressed up, and it was clearly a day enjoyed by all!”

After the feast, the rest of the day was broken up by ghoulish games and entertainment in the living area. It’s safe to say that the day was definitely filled with more treats than tricks!

Remember, if you’re ever in the Kent area you can always pop in to pay us and our residents a visit. If you would like to, or you have any questions for us then you can find the full contact details here