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A Night With The Stars!

Wednesday 13th March 2019 1:44pm
A Night With The Stars!

Recently residents took a trip to see Michael Bublé and Frank Sinatra tribute acts at a local theatre in Maidstone!


The group enjoyed the live music including some big hits such as Bublé’s ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ and Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’.


There was boogying and dancing throughout the show and the group had a very enjoyable time. After the show, three residents even met up with the performers for an autograph and a group photograph!


Registered Manager Julian explained:


"This is something that our residents have been looking forward to for a long time. Karaoke is a particular favourite activity and there was a lot of singing by the group at the event!


We are always looking for additional ways to enhance the lives of our residents and events such as trips to the theatre are always a popular choice!"


Remember, if you have any questions , or would like to stop by and visit one day then you can find the full contact details here.