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A Trip Out For A Treat!

Monday 21st January 2019 12:06pm
A Trip Out For A Treat!

Although the festive period has finished, this does not mean our activities programme takes a break! Activities Officer Jackie recently took two residents out for a treat of their choice.


This trip included a little shopping and was topped off with a meal at McDonald's. Cheeseburgers, fries and a hot drink was the order of the day as well as some great conversation.


Residents very much enjoyed their little treat, before heading back to our home for a healthy meal.


Director Kuldish explained:


"We involve residents in as many aspects of life as possible here at The Island Residential Home. This recent shopping trip was very much enjoyed and the McDonald's meal really went down a treat!


We have a lot of other activities and trips out planned for 2019, so keep your eyes out for information as it is released!"


Remember, if you have any questions , or would like to stop by and visit one day then you can find the full contact details here.