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A Trip To The Library

Monday 15th April 2019 2:52pm
A Trip To The Library

A popular pastime for some residents is getting into a good book, so we recently took a trip to the local library, where we had a good look round before choosing our favourites to book out.


Activities Coordinator Jackie led the way with both fiction and non-fiction being popular choices. After a while of browsing, the group checked their books out and headed back to the home for a good read.


As well as being enjoyable, reading is a great way of keeping the brain active and therefore something we certainly encourage!


Registered Manager Julian explained:


"We regularly arrange outings for our residents and this was a very simple trip out which went down very well.


The residents who joined enjoyed the time that they spent looking through and choosing the books, which they took out and returned to the home to read.


In addition to this, we have regular outings and look forward to the next trip!"


Remember, if you have any questions , or would like to stop by and visit one day then you can find the full contact details here.