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Christmas at The Island

Wednesday 12th December 2018 11:00am
Christmas at The Island

As of this week, Christmas has arrived at The Island. Although some may argue that it’s still a little too early for festivities, that’s definitely not the case here!

The residents kicked off the week with a day trip to Sittingbourne. They managed to admire all of the beautiful Christmas decorations, luckily before the crowds came out in full force! The small market town was decorated top to bottom, with lights strung along the streets and Christmas trees standing at every corner.


The department stores were also in a league of their own as they were decked to the high heavens! After having a look round the town, the residents rounded off their day with mince pies and cups of tea – the perfect day!


Director Kuldish said:

“The residents had such a lovely day in Sittingbourne, apparently the lights were just beautiful! It’s always nice for the residents to have day trips outside of the home, obviously we are flexible as possible to organise all the day trips we can”

The residents will be kept bust this week, with the planning and decorating of The Island for Christmas – stay tuned because I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of creativity!