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Internet Cafe

Thursday 21st March 2019 2:01pm
Internet Cafe

The internet is a powerful tool which can bring with it many benefits to our residents and this includes email, films, Skype, reminiscing and much, much more.


We recently had an internet cafe morning where we hooked up some tablets to the WIFI and spent some time researching and getting the most out of their use.


The tablets are very helpful as particularly for some residents, it means that their families are able to contact by Skype or email.


Registered Manager Julian explained:


"As well as the tablets which are available for residents to use, some residents have their own laptops or tablets that they use to communicate with family and friends.


We have a special WIFI login for our residents and quite a few use their machine for watching movies and relaxing. This is an excellent benefit to our residents!"


Remember, if you have any questions , or would like to stop by and visit one day then you can find the full contact details here.