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Karaoke Kings & Queens!

Monday 21st January 2019 12:29pm
Karaoke Kings & Queens!

It can be a little bit like Marmite as you either love it or hate it, but a lot of our residents absolutely love it!

This is Karaoke, where residents recently gathered round the disco station, blasted out hits from ABBA, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Grease and others for a very loud karaoke session that was filled with laughter.


Residents grabbed hold of the mic and sung along to some of their favourites. The words were on the screen for all to sing along to and some even had a good little boogie!


Activities Co-ordinatorJackie explained:


"This was a very popular session with residents hearing the songs, popping their head through the door and joining for a very enjoyable time.


Needless to say, I had a very pleasant sing-along myself along with a good little boogie; I think I need to work on my dancing skills!"


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