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Remembering Our Heroes

Tuesday 13th November 2018 10:35am
Remembering Our Heroes

On Sunday, the entirety of the UK got together to mark 100 years since Armistice Day and it was no exception at The Island. Residents and staff alike came together to celebrate and remember those who have sacrificed for many during military conflict.

The Residents not only joined millions of others in observing a two-minute silence at 11AM. They also put in an incredible amount of effort and creativity in to decorating the home for the occasion, creating an abundance of poppies and colourful posters.

The creativity knew no bounds with everyone pitching in, helping to decorate different areas of the home. Some of the residents spent hours creating individual poppies for spectacular posters throughout the living areas.

The day was broken up, with residents viewing the parades of ten thousand people - including veterans and relatives of WW1 soldiers – marching through London in commemoration.

Director Kuldish was blown away by the amount of effort that was put in to the day, she said:

“It really was spectacular, although obviously the day is that of remembrance, it truly brought everyone together, it was very moving to see everyone to work together to make for such a special day.”


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