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Residents Enjoy Some Jungle Themed Painting

Friday 22nd February 2019 1:35pm
Residents Enjoy Some Jungle Themed Painting

Residents had a relaxing morning doing some jungle themed painting. From different wild plants to different wild animals our residents had the opportunity to paint a range of colourful creations.


The big happy smile on their faces was priceless as they painted away. Our residents approached their activity very differently.


While some were smiley, playful and carefree, others took a more focused and concentrated approach, being sure to create neat and tidy masterpieces. But no matter their approach they all really enjoyed themselves!


Activities coordinator Jackie explained:

"Our residents loved the morning jungle themed painting session and we are now planning on other themes throughout the year for them to work on.


It was a fun, creative and spontaneous activity for them and they look forward to doing something similar again."