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Seed Planting

Wednesday 27th February 2019 8:30am
Seed Planting

Many of our residents have previously had a lovely garden and we have a large outdoor space at our home that has a number of planters in which bloom over the summer.


In preparation for this we have recently spent time planting seeds and decorating some pots so that they are ready for transplanting when the time comes.


This was a popular activity with residents because of the memories that it brought back as well as the enjoyment of beginning to tend to the plants.


Activities Coordinator Jackie explained:

"Residents really enjoyed this activity as it gave them the chance to not only get creative, but grow something that they are able to tend to over the coming months.


Many of our residents had a garden or lived near a park so had fond memories of the times there and this activity brought back many an example of these.


We are looking forward to now transplanting these into our planters when the time comes!"


If you have any questions , or would like to stop by and visit one day then you can find the full contact details here.